26 Bethany

Project Details

  • Location: 26th Ave & Bethany Home Rd, Phoenix
  • Size: 12,000 SF
  • Year: 2009
  • Company: Visiquest Properties and Rubenstein Family Partnership

Unique Attributes

This pre-1960’s constructed strip center was in desperate need of a major remodel inside and out. It consisted of three separate buildings with zero lot line construction. The property was not compliant with current zoning, parking, sign, or construction codes. Individual tenant pole signs littered the street frontage. Electric wires spidered out from a central wooden pole tenuously located in the rear parking lot.

Visiquest stripped the existing facades and built one new unified façade while keeping the existing tenants open for business. Walls were reinforced with steel and concrete to extend parapets to their required unified height. New lentils were added to accommodate new storefront doors and windows. The parking lots in front and back were removed and replaced with new subgrade and asphalt.

A new electrical Service Entrance Section was added to unify all the buildings and each suite was given a new electric panel.  Power lines were undergrounded, and new transformers were added to the site.  Sewer lines were all replaced, and trash enclosures were constructed. New signage was added, and tenant improvements were completed shortly thereafter.

59 Evergreen Construction Progress Report 6/25/2021